i am in awe of life.
i share my art to share this love.

i go by forest chaffee now!

you can find my offerings and contact me here:



8 thoughts on “contact

  1. Your work so perfectly captures the almost unbearable awe, wonder, and joy of being alive on this mysterious planet. Thank you for providing us all an incredibly direct route to experiencing that, whenever we want to!

    p.s. – Really looking forward to buying these pieces, lining our walls with them, and sharing them with loved ones!

  2. I LOVE your artwork and want it all over my living space, my classroom environment and basically everywhere I turn! The way you capture the depth and expansiveness inherent in nature is so moving. I want to gift everyone I know with your art to share this love and awe. How does one do so?

  3. lorna, jeremy, alison, zo & kelly – i’m grateful my art touches you! i love your words: “serene & engaging. beautiful & sparse. vastness & softness. clarity… stillness. the almost unbearable awe of being on this planet. depth & expansiveness…” i love for the awe i enjoy sharing to be delighted in together… smiling.

    zo & kelly, glad you want to have and share my art! click on the titles of photos to purchase. gratitude – e.

  4. Your website is elegant in a natural and serene way. Nicely done! And I do like your photos of nature on the Cape in all its quiet simplicity and beauty. The wispy cloud surrounding Mt Hood was a nice touch! Your work is impressive.

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